31 December, 2007


today is the last day of 2007. i could write up a list of (new year's) resolutions, from loosing weight to healthy lifestyle to going for real holidays at last and having life that is not mostly-work. i could, but i will not. it would certainly sound like Bridget Jones Diary 3rd volume, or worse even, Ally McBeal. instead, i'm gonna make a list of things i want to learn in 2008.
- knit a top-down raglan pullover (or top, whatever is top-down)
- knit a yoke pullover
- learn this great, renowned, fantastic tubular cast on
- and bind off
- knit lace, anything (small)
that would do. i mean, two pullovers, THIS itself will take half a year, seriously. i did not promise to work less ;-) plus, i do have some projects planned long time ago and want to knit them at last.
Happy New Year!

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