27 March, 2009

at last! the cabled hoodie

Done at last!

pattern: Cabled hooded pullover from VK Fall 2008
yarn: Eskimo 50g/50m 100% wool (Garnstudio/DROPS) in 34m - rust/blue mix (20 balls!!!)
needles: 6mm
mods: had to tweak the numbers a little, because the gauge was slightly off; otherwise i just followed the pattern (wow, THIS does not happen often)

i like the sweater very much! it was intended for winter (it can get rather cold here in Stockholm), it's ready for spring... it'll get some wear, i'm sure of that - spring can be capricious, too. it's a rather heavy sweater, 1 kg! i don't think i'll be knitting anything this bulky and heavy anytime soon... the winter is over ;-).

26 March, 2009

simple socks, beautiful colours

socks as basic as they can be: 64 sts of stockinette stitch on 2.5mm needles; flap heel; Regia Kaffe Fassett Landscape Fog (#4253)

25 March, 2009

an award, a milk box, and a new hat, so a total mix

I got awarded the Kreativ Blogger by Gosia from the Organic knitter! This came as a really nice surprise, thank you! it's very motivating to know that somebody is reading (ok, mostly watching i think, because there is not so much to read here) this little blog of mine and even likes it :-). Dziękuję!

As a part of a game, I'm suppsed to nominate other blogs. And it ain't easy, man... So, here they go: kuchnia nad atlantykiem , kropki nad i, kgirlknits , ztworzonka. All of them certainly very creative, and inspiring!

Environment... Don't ask what it can do to you, ask what you can do to help to maintain it in the proper state! And perhaps even improve it. That's actually a story of a milk box, the usual thing. Not so ordinary this time, because... it came in a totally different and unexpected colour:

All for a reason. (Truly, I couldn't find the milk in the grocery store that day... mind you, I was looking for a box in the usual white-and-green stripes, similar to these two in the picture). That white square close to the bottom... This is the light switch, actually.

But WHY? We all should switch off the light bulbs for 1 hour (not all electricity, oh no, nobody wants to deal with the thawed freezers' contents). Saturday, 28th of March, 8.30-9.30 local time. Do you think you can do that? At least try to reduce the amount of artificial light in your surroundings. We all can do that! And we should give that hour to the Earth!!!

on top af all the news, i have one more. i have a finished knit! in the meantime, between the morning coffee and the breakfast (during about two weeks... not just one coffee and breakfast), i managed to knit this:

and it's been used already, since we have a (hopefully) last attack of winter this spring ;-)

Rollin' Beret by the one and only Woolly Wormhead

it's more a beanie-hat than a beret, and i did not block it, ´cause i like it that way.

yarn: hummingbird (artesano) 100% alpaca in the peregrino colourway
needles: 3.5mm
mods: i cast on more stitches (88) to compensate for the differences in gauge; i guess for a real slouchy beret feel, i should have started with more stitches. anyway, i like it as it is.

19 March, 2009

almost there...

yup, the pullover for winter ready just for spring! i ran out of yarn, mostly because of the substitution issue - i just used what was available in the given weight/length... so, it was not enough for the hood.
the two missing skeins of Eskimo by DROPS just came here, along with a crochet hook of the appropriate size to finish off the hood/fronts edging.

17 March, 2009

of what is not meant to be (knitted)

last autumn i felt i needed more vests. they're versatile pieces of clothing which add warmth yet don't feel too bulky, perfect for indoors. in particular, i wanted to have one that is a simple ribbed garment with the front pieces kept together only by two buttons at the collar. i bought yarn, i bought buttons, and started to knit. then i stopped. and the more i looked at this unfinished thing, the more i was sure, it just wasn't meant to be finished. somehow the brioche stitch doesn't look as i imagined. and the vest is just sitting there in the basket, not even one knitted row since last november... and on top of that, i REALLY need these 3.5mm needles...

i still think i need more vests (for the next autumn), and i do not dismiss the idea drawn quickly on that piece of paper. just not this yarn. so, it's gonna be ripped, to celebrate the first day one can feel upcoming spring ;-).