31 July, 2008


I just hit 100th post! Can't believe it, but it's happening! (let's drink to that) There was a little motivational crisis around post 96, but maybe i just needed a break. I never thought I'd keep up blogging in the first place. I started this little adventure 1.5 years ago when I was studying for my PhD exam as a sort of distraction. I also learned how to knit socks at that time and wanted to share it, for the lack of sharing anything else I guess. Knitting and crocheting have been my hobby since I was a kid, and I never really gave it up despite long periods of hiatus. (These little balls of yarn are the leftovers of ongoing and just completed projects, if you're asking)

Onto the ~real contents! What's a better way to celebrate a 100th post than a new, fresh, juicy, unblogged project? (the answer is: a beer, or maybe two)

pattern: that's a freestyle-knitted neckwarmer, so no pattern
yarn: SheepTwo, Sheep Shop Company (1 skein, 100g)
needles: 8mm

sorry for the obvious clash of the knitted piece and my top. i took these pics this morning before work, and had no time to change... but i'm gonna wear it in couple of months, when i'll need to keep my neck toasty, and i have plenty of black pullovers, trust me. i'm sure it'll do the job! :-)

28 July, 2008

from the depth of a closet

Pattern: Ribbed Lace Bolero by 10 Feet High
Yarn: Muscat (100% Cotton 50g/100m) by Drops, color 41 4 balls? not sure...
Needles: hard to tell, it was too long time ago

It was knitted in April, just neither not yet blogged nor worn. I guess it'll be just one of these knits for the sake of knitting. Whatever. It's a very nice stitch pattern, though, and I will use it in the future.

26 July, 2008

where has all the mojo gone?...

I have taken this picture couple of weeks ago, 4 a.m. (yup, A.M.!!!). Woken up by rain, that was the first thing I saw. It made my day :-)

Mojo is coming back, slowly. So many issues these days, so hard to keep focus. To prove that I did not totally give up knitting, let me introduce my recent yarn acqusitions.

Blue laceweight linen-cotton mix, unknown specs, from Portugal, 2 hanks

it took ages to wind it to balls (ages mostly spent on procrastination and emotional preparation for the task ahead), just because i did it "the old way" (do not have one of these fancy ball winders or whatever the name)

Zeta 100% silk by LOVE GARN, 50g/95m, 6 balls

...knits into a yummy swatch on 4.5mm-ers, but... i lack inspiration what to do with it. not enough for a garment, not sure what kind of scarf would do it justice...