26 July, 2007

shopping, at last

I've been shopping for yarn, the first time in Stockholm (the local poor textile shop does not count, it is not in Stockholm)! It seems that I've found a nice store with a good selection of the Garnstudio yarns. Pity that it's rather far from my ~usual shopping route. Anyway, here's what I bought:
Yarn for a shrug (Muscat, 100% cotton) in beautifuuuuuul rich dark red.

Needles (3.5mm) to knit the shrug (what a banality).

Sock yarn (Regia Bamboo). In a ~very rainbowy colourway. Knew it would look strange, bought anyway. Am I crazy or what? (no, just couldn't stop myself)

But then, all in all, that's lovely yarn, isn't it?

23 July, 2007

halfway through

This weekend, I managed to get halfway through the newest Potter book (so far, only Hedwig the Owl and Mad Eye had died; I'm not giving anything else away) and the hedera sock.

As I was going along, I modified the heel, so that also the bottom part of it is "reinforced" with the slipped stitches:

It does not look very neat, to my disappointment. The reason is that yarn, at least in part, I think. Very nasty thing to knit with, indeed.

19 July, 2007

just like with knitting...

the horoscope presented to me this morning by MyYahoo (hope they don't mind pasting it here):

Quickie: Your ideas get projects started, but they are projects someone else must finish.
Overview: Feeling guilty because you skipped out on an important meeting? It's no big deal if you missed a moment. You're busy. Just like with knitting, you can go back and pick up a stitch and no one's the wiser.

no, i did not miss any meeting today. neither yesterday, and that's good because we were on a group-integrating trip to the ZOO. we're biologists, no?

13 July, 2007

hedera (i)

a bit rustic, but nice.

11 July, 2007


I wanted to shop for yarn past weekend. It turned out that finding the yarn shop that's open on Saturdays is a challenge during the summer months. Activities of various sorts cease during the Swedish summer, including yarn shops opening. Some of the shops are closed for the whole month (!), I mean totally closed, not only on Saturday. All I'm left with is this strange yarn I managed to find in a local fabric shop with the less-than-limited selection of yarns.

It's a sock yarn, yes, but I wanted to knit a shrug! Anyway, it is not superwash wool, so it'll felt after a while. I started hedera socks but I am really not sure…

The Buddha figures are from Mongolian restaurant. Theoretically, one is given to each customer, but after a chat with the guy behind the bar I got two. The green one should bring wisdom and the burgundy one beauty. I picked these blindly. Might be useful ;-).

09 July, 2007

not just socks, BFF socks! (iii)

Couple of days ago I had a day when I could not bring myself to accomplish anything. Complete de-motivation was the motto of that day. I simply went home earlier and indulged in mindless knitting. The result is a finished object!
Logically, they'll be gifted to a friend. Here, modeled on my hair spray containers (her feet are much smaller than mine, so I didn't want to stretch the socks).

Pattern: BFF by Cookie A.
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilwenweit Cotton Festa (42% cotton, 42% wool, 13% polyamide) 380m / 100g in color #4030
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Comments: I like the socks! VERY much :-) The way the pattern is written is clear and understandable. The end result, socks that are interesting yet simple. The yarn I used, Lana Grossa Cotton, is pleasant to knit and to wear (tested on my previous socks). The only modification was the three-needle bind off instead of the toe grafting via Kitchener stitch.

08 July, 2007

saturday shot #13 (sunday edition)

wool-bearing animals, a photo recap of a trip to the ZOO in my hometown. about a month ago.

02 July, 2007

how true

THIS is very true sometimes. today.