11 July, 2007


I wanted to shop for yarn past weekend. It turned out that finding the yarn shop that's open on Saturdays is a challenge during the summer months. Activities of various sorts cease during the Swedish summer, including yarn shops opening. Some of the shops are closed for the whole month (!), I mean totally closed, not only on Saturday. All I'm left with is this strange yarn I managed to find in a local fabric shop with the less-than-limited selection of yarns.

It's a sock yarn, yes, but I wanted to knit a shrug! Anyway, it is not superwash wool, so it'll felt after a while. I started hedera socks but I am really not sure…

The Buddha figures are from Mongolian restaurant. Theoretically, one is given to each customer, but after a chat with the guy behind the bar I got two. The green one should bring wisdom and the burgundy one beauty. I picked these blindly. Might be useful ;-).

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