29 December, 2009

mini vest for winter

this one deserves a separate post, and a special comment.

(again, my sister in law did not model it for a lack of time)

this was meant to be this vest (117-17). i bought the recommended yarn and happily started to knit the super-fast chunky piece. after completing the "collar" and making decreases for the sides, i realized that the collar is too high. ripping #1. another attempt to make the decreases earlier and divide the stitches into three decreases instead of one. on almost completing the sides, i realized that they were too narrow. ripping #2. deciding not to take any more chances (the time was short), i knitted on and decided the shaping based on my gut feeling. i never knitted anything for my sister in law, so i wasn't completely sure about the size, yet i turned out very well! drops polaris (5 balls 100g each) on 12mm needles.

28 December, 2009



cousteau hat knitted with Malabrigo worsted (olive) on 4.5mm needles;


subtle twist hat knitted with Colourscape Chunky by Rowan (Candy Pink) on 6.5mm needles (i think?); i used only 60% of the skein.

in both cases, i tweaked the number of stitches to match hats with heads of the recipients. sadly, there was not enough time and light to convince them to model the hats for me, hence my head is used as a hat model.

presents given

i did not manage to finish only one in time (not shown here, but i *test wear it as i type it). honestly, sometime in mid-december, i thought the whole idea of gift knitting is a naive self-deception. despite all modifications, lousily written patterns and distractions, i manage to gift these little things.