25 February, 2010


THIS sock is absolutely fabulous! next in the queue!

13 February, 2010


swallowtail knitted in my favourite silk yarn, as before. needles 3.5mm, likewise. seems to be the receipe for the silk shawl that JUST WORKS. :-) for me, anyway.

this one is for my mother. it's smaller than i expected, but cute nonetheless. i really hope she likes it... otherwise, i might take it back ;-)

THIS is what i'm working on now. as a part of the olympics project on our shared polish knitting olympics blog.

10 February, 2010

glove love

pattern: rococo from the great Twist Collective;
yarn: merino 100% by katia, 102m/50g in colour no. 25; a little over 2 balls;
needles: 3mm dpn;

i really like how these have turned out! the cables show beautifully in the 12-ply yarn, the colour is great, and the warmth factor is just appropriate for the recent cold weather! not to mention that i damaged my only pair of winter gloves and had to wear the skiing gloves... not very comfortable around the city ;-)

there is a mistake in the pattern, which i have overlooked, and when i noticed that "something is not just right with the cables", i did not care all that much to correct it. you can see it on the pinky of the left glove. i think the erratum was recently emailed, actually.

09 February, 2010

a cowl

Jewel Hand Dyed (Cascade Yarns) 100% wool 142 yd/100gr in colour 9947, 2 hanks
6mm needles
100 stitches

very simple!

the last FO of 2009, in fact, knitted mostly during traveling.

02 February, 2010

i still knit...

all of these were finished before end of January. they need blocking/photoshot, but two of the items (three, really...) are perfectly usable without that. in fact, i was already wearing the cowl during our Christmas trip to Poland, but i changed its border to garter stitch recently. what prevents me from using them now, is the sinusitis that makes going out rather unreasonable. so i can call three FOs! separate posts to follow.