20 July, 2009

vacation 2009, part 2: southern Poland




19 July, 2009

simple stockinette top

yarn: zeta 100% silk 95m / 50g, BC garn
needles: 4.5 mm

this is my first garment knitted from top down. no pattern, i just tried it on as i went and adjusted the number of stitches accordingly. i added slight shaping for the bust and the waist.
the colour does not show right on this photo. the grey summer this year, yeah... it's a dark red, burgundy even.
it was an easy knit, of the kind bordering on boring - so much stockinette can feel tedious. i think the simplicity of the stitch and the pattern shows the yarn nicely, and it's not too overhelming. i know i'm going to wear it a lot!

vacation 2009, part 1: Andalucía


Alhambra, Granada.

summer in the city

the city and the sea, what a great match!

18 July, 2009

inventory, part 1

i'm going to cut the loose ends off, instead trying to fix them. getting rid of things can be refreshing. especially if the "things" are the unfinished garments, in a stalled progress for about 1 year. they. must. go. away. honestly, i haven't touched them for 1 year! i never even blogged about them. the blue is the boteh scarf, the pattern itself being ok, but somehow this yarn was made with something else than crocheted scarf in mind.

the lilac/purple pullover was meant to be finished for the summer last year. i stopped working on it last year in may, and it hasn't changed a bit since. in the meantime i realized that if the linen was knitted on larger needles, it'd have much nicer drape. that's it for the raglan pullover, most probably it would't wear it anyway.

it's not that i'm only ripping things lately. i'm knitting them, too. wanna see?

the stockinette top, (almost) knitted up during last two weeks. i hope to complete it this weekend. it might not be easy, 'cause i need to go to the lab tomorrow. AND since we have a relatively good weather, my feet are itchy to go biking or inline skating.

and this one, another lace. same yarn as before. i just went along with the lace knitting ;-). this one is gonna be for my mother, most probably the xmas gift.