30 September, 2007

red and black mitts

my new cosy warm keepers!
the pattern is a modified fetching from knitty. i changed the cables and knit them from top down. or from fingers down, or whatever i should name it.

it's actually quite difficult to photograph red in the artificial light...
with the lamp...

or without?

glimpses (walk in the forest edition)

i love autumn!!!!!!

the mitts are finished, as is the battery of my camera (currently charging). stay tuned for the pics!

29 September, 2007

instant gratifcation

i was working my ass off this past week. and the results are not immediately visible, and won't be such soon. well, such is life of a biologist. i needed some kind of an easy and fast knits, an instant projet that will give me impression of accomplishment and one more thing to add to the "finished" category. we all need that sometimes.

so i came up with mitts for me, similar to those. for the stipey ones i am using tubey leftover yarn. which is exactly the same yarn as in the first fetching-like mitts series, in fact, Siena Big by Wolle Roedel.

i make them up as i go. i am planning to use up all the red / burgundy / black leftover yarn, so i started from the "top" part and knit both mitts simultaneously. i'd like to have them long and cosy...

24 September, 2007

Vienna - part 2

...and a knitting bit. i saw this top in a shopping window (the pricetag is in EUR, ouch) and it caught my eye enough to take a picture. maybe even knit it... (i only wonder when, he he hehe)

my modest shopping included only this sock yarn. i did not plan to buy anything, but there was this yarn store, open and inviting, and well, it's never too much of the sock yarn. or if it is, i am far from that point, anyway.

truly autumn colourway, Regia Canadian Color (#4728)

23 September, 2007


Last week, I was in the hometown of Prater a.k.a Riesenrad a.k.a. world oldest Ferris Wheel...

... Baroque...

...and Stephansdom.

I admired many architectural details...

...and a street folklore.

Happened to visit the harvest festival...

...and hidden little streets and corners.

A city great for walking and exploring

Actually, Vienna is not only about Baroque.

PS. and the light sucked more or less all the time during the only ONE day i had for exploring the city's secrets. i don't think i managed to even touch the less-touristic part of town. not possible during just one day. other days were spent on the fruitfly biology secrets (not boring at all!!). nevermind.
PS2. click for big(ger)

09 September, 2007

mitts for the whole family!

Four (4!!!) finished objects at the same time! That's right. The mitts for the women in my family in Poland, inspired by the Fetching design. I changed the cables, so each pair is different, and added a crochet reinforcement at the top, so the glove is less stretchy and open at that part. I am very happy with these, and hope the receipients will be, too! (the yarn was Siena Big by Wolle Roedel, I bought it a year ago when I was still living in Germany; I don't think it's available anywhere else)

I actually think, I will knit one of these for myself. Come to think of that, that's the accessory I need for the cold Swedish autumn...

03 September, 2007

sneak peek

...autumn knitting...