29 September, 2007

instant gratifcation

i was working my ass off this past week. and the results are not immediately visible, and won't be such soon. well, such is life of a biologist. i needed some kind of an easy and fast knits, an instant projet that will give me impression of accomplishment and one more thing to add to the "finished" category. we all need that sometimes.

so i came up with mitts for me, similar to those. for the stipey ones i am using tubey leftover yarn. which is exactly the same yarn as in the first fetching-like mitts series, in fact, Siena Big by Wolle Roedel.

i make them up as i go. i am planning to use up all the red / burgundy / black leftover yarn, so i started from the "top" part and knit both mitts simultaneously. i'd like to have them long and cosy...

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