31 January, 2011

i think i got a serious sea silk addiction

periwinkle, amethyst, smoke

30 January, 2011


i was happily knitting my fair isle project (Portree), and thought that i'd finish it this month (ha ha ha), when a distraction came, in a shape of a little cute elefant. and i simply must have knitted it. so i did. it turned out as cute as i wanted, but the funny thing is, most of people who have seen it, think it is... a piglet!

pattern: elefante
yarn: sock yarn leftovers (Trekking)
needles: 2mm
mods: rescaling to a different yarn weight;

woodpecker socks

a simple sock recipe on 64 sts + Prinzessin Tausendschön by Opal from their Regenwald (rainforest) line = my boyfriend's new favourite socks