26 February, 2007

socks #2

very warm, indeed :-)

yarn: Meilenweit bosco by lana grossa, 420m/100g
needles: dpn 2mm
pattern: basic toe-up sock from knitty

25 February, 2007


after the big.thing.exam and the post-exam parties, i'm back to normal everyday life. this involves moving my apartment very soon and A LOT of paperwork. first, i have to pack ALL my possessions including yarn, of course. and books. that will not be easy. before i tackle this non-trivial issue, a small update from the knitting front.

the tubey is, hmm, too small. well, i'll rip it and reknit as soon as the purple socks are ready. hopefully soon.

Saturday shot #3

(posted on Sunday, but there's an excuse ;-))

Konstanz, February 2007

10 February, 2007

Saturday shot #2

a view from one of the hills in the Freiburg area. middle of january 2007. by now, the winter is gone.

09 February, 2007

not buying any yarn?!?!?!?!?

ha ha ha ha hahahahhaha ha ha!!!!

after the first sock-cess, i went on (toe-up basic sock from knitty):

encouraged by the progress, and the almost constant gratification of this kind of small projects, i did some shopping. ha ha ha, these 4 balls were purchased without much thinking ;-). i already know what each of them will turn to.

unfortunately, there is A LOT of study i've got to do this weekend. sock knitting won't be my priority :-(.

07 February, 2007

socks #1 - done!

the first finished object this year :-). and the first pair of socks ever :-). certainly not the last one, too.


yarn: Meilenweit Cotton Fondo by Lana Grossa (380m/100g)
pattern: the blue blog

knitted on needles #3 (as recommended), i think i should have used #2.5. but i love them anyway!!!

06 February, 2007

progress on tubey

some progress in sight! i am actually halfway through the fun part of the sweater (the body, I mean), more than this picture shows. but at least there is a glimpse on the colors my tubey would assume.

03 February, 2007

Saturday's shot #1

a wiev from my window. (still) Freiburg, taken sometime in autumn 2006.