22 February, 2009

the smallest sculpture in Stockholm

this little guy, so well equipped for winter, is considered the tiniest sculpture/monument in Stockholm.

i realized i have many pictures of Stockholm, some of them good or interesting. i genuinely like this city, it's very picturesque and photogenic (if light allows...). i think there are many ways one can see Stockholm, depending on what you're looking for: architecture, water, nightlife, people. i'll be irregularily sharing some glimpses of how i see it in the next couple of months.

17 February, 2009

knitting in the winter

the motivational purchase of recent weeks:

yummy alpaca, destined for a beret of yet-undecided pattern, in colours mimicking dark swedish sky that we see so often at this time of year;

the laceweight wool in poppy red to spicy up the greyness a bit - for a Shetland Triangle shawl (no, i do not think i'll wear that shawl togehter with the hummingbird beret).

i need the motivation, that's for sure. 2009 is not the most productive knitwise (so far), yet there are some stitches knitted here and there:

a sock in Fog colorway of Kaffe Fassett line of Regia sockyarn.

a sleeve of Green Cable hoodie aka Cable Hoodie from VK autumn 2008, just it's not green, it's rusty.

15 February, 2009

Just a scarf...

it'a a simple k1p1 rib, and it's the yarn that makes it so beautiful. All credits go to:
Visjö Karamell from Östergötlands Ullspineri 100% wool 300m/100g
(needles were 3.5mm, for the record)