30 August, 2007

glimpse #4

Our lives teach us who we are. ~Salman Rushdie
(picture taken in Colmar, 2007)

26 August, 2007

i know...

...that a knitting contents of this blog sucks (more than ever). well, it's not that i an not knitting at all. i just have ~VERY little time for knitting.
this is my latest unfinished project. i mean, the latest started project ;-)

a modified version of Ester by Alice. this DROPS alpaca... it's a lot of it in one skein. this is how much one skein (180m / 50g) knits into, in a fairly small gauge, on 2mm needles. roughly, it corresponds to 1/4 of this sweater. and man, it's 324 stitches now. sounds masochistic, i know. but i fell in love with this yarn and wanted to knit it into something thin and not lacey. hence, 2mm needles. i don't think i could knit a whole long-sleeves-proper-sweater, but the Ester-kind-of-shrug seems to be just appropriately sized garment for such yarn / needles / gauge combination.
ah, and i had to change the cables too, for the original ones did not show well in this yarn.

now, a non-knitting bit.

isn't it just pretty? got it from my parents this week. :-))))) i might knit something ~greek-ish to match this pretty piece of jewellery.

23 August, 2007

glimpses ( #3)

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~ Confucius


18 August, 2007

glimpse #2

Cambridge, spring 2007

14 August, 2007

second sock syndrome x2

progress is addictive.

a pomatomus sock progress, at least.

and this brings me to the point: two unfinished and unpaired socks. kinda pathetic.

09 August, 2007

more of project spectrum colours

The orange ~thing (let's call it like that) is a gift, that should have been ready for Christmas. I mean, last year. Did not manage ;-) but this year's Christmas is still to come, and I'll try my best.
The purple swatch (?!!!!) is Drops Alpaca, in colourway of a number that does not appeal to my memory at all. I never knitted with aplaca before, and this mistake is to be corrected soon. It is soooo sooooft.... And I love the coulour, it's semi solid purplish... and makes me want to knit it. knit it now. and NOT socks, this time, however, this idea was the first one that came to my mind when I saw this yarn first...

06 August, 2007

project spectrum

This picture was taken sometime during late autumn last year, in Freiburg, Germany where I was living before. Just perfect for the Project Spectrum orange, purple and brown triad. The berries are actually edible, I saw a bird poking about them.
Just the way I am poking about the Project Spectrum. I love the idea of playing with colours, exploring ways of seeing and using the colour. I've wanted to join before, but my lack of time and moving abroad, all caused the delays in knitting. But now I've found this pic and I think it fits so well to the project spectrum triad, and to my knitting plans. And, so I am posting it. And joining the fun!

05 August, 2007

glimpse #1

Cambridge, April 2007

02 August, 2007

lovely? yarn

interesting colorway, when in the skein. how about when knitted? like, say, in a monkey pattern?

picot edge, NO NO. the yarn is too soft and the double layer is sort of too heavy.


MUCH better.