21 December, 2008

one more scarf, not yet ready

simple scarf, knitted 1k, 1p, and so much fun with the colour! same yarn as for this hat. i hoped to finish it before Christmas, but it seems it'll be my first 2009 finished object.

20 December, 2008


i knitted my first lace, people!

pattern: laminaria from knitty
yarn: Mulibärs Silk 100% silk 600m/100g; Marias Garn
needles: 3.5mm

pretty, pretty! it already found its way to a friend it was destined for from the starters.

i got some 28g of leftover yarn, so i could have knitted one more repetition of the blossom pattern, for a larger shawl. if i knew... anyway, i discovered one thing while knitting laminaria: i like lace! ok, it requires a lot of attention, but in the end it's soooo rewarding to see the pattern uncovered while the shawl is blocked.

19 December, 2008

lace story in pictures

It started as a hank of a really beautiful shiny luscious silk yarn.600m of it, wow, all packed into 100g. Not my usual piece of cake. Sometime in September I decided it's finally time to pick a pattern for this yarn.Otherwise I might not be done with knitting LACE (something I've never done before) by Christmas.

I meant to take a picture after every step of the lace pattern is completed, to document my progress, as I believed this is the first and the last adventure with lace knitting. Just a diversion from my usual scarves and socks.

As time passed, days got shorter and I was not able to take pictures after work anymore. Then, I knitted other stuff, more wooly, more of an immediate use. The sudden burst of productivity is mainly due to me staying at home with flu. So, there it is, in all its beauty:

Laminaria. Details will follow.

15 December, 2008

wintery glimpse

opportunities for pictures such as this one do not happen everyday. a view from the window of the living room. and a huge zoom of my camera.

today was one of the very rare days with sunshine. so, we had some dayLIGHT in Sweden, finally. the last of such days was the day when i shot this photo. 22 of November. the fact that the daylight is so scarce here these last weeks of year kind of justifies lack of blogging. no photos = no blog posts. this, and the fact that i'm sick, and thus home during daylight time, allowed me to take some pictures! :-) so, stay tuned for the side product of the flu and a nasty throat infection with severe cough. here a little preview:

square is the new round

pattern: turn a square hat by brooklyntweed
yarn: Visjö and Visjö Karamell from Östergötlands Ullspineri 100% wool 300m/100g
needles 3.5mm
modifications: i casted on different number of stitches (128) to compensate for the different yarn weight; decreases as in the pattern

i like how the hat turned out! the gradient color changes from the orangish to pinkish look cute as these strips.

Jaéniño is the most lovely and grateful receipient of my knitted thingies! :-)) every time i see him wearing this one, i cannot help boasting a little. it's a really nice hat. and a VERY nice yarn in cute colors. i might knit one such as this one for myself ;-).

06 December, 2008


...by night

...and yours truly in front of the Fallen Angel