13 April, 2008


it all started pretty innocent... this year's Easter felt more like Christmas, with the sudden strike of winter and all...

(aren't these colours typically Christmasy?)
So, i kept knitting, until... i realized it just ain't gonna happen. no, these mitts won't ever get finished. in fact, the only knitted one will remain unpaired untill i frog it. or discard it. or both. wrong color, wrong yarn, wrong pattern (or lack thereof). The Sock, on the other hand, is getting a partner as we speak.

oh, and there has been another yarn-leftover-stash-buster-wee thing:

all tubey leftovers... i still have some yarn rests left... can make many potholders (and give them away to my family i guess...)

on the other hand, as a born experimenter, i am always up to new things. i've wanted to try out some new fiber for some time now. i thought that'd be hemp, but i couldn't get it (easily) in here. linen, on the other hand, was just introduced in Garnstudio's line of yarns and was even available from the online store i shop in. without much pondering, i just orderd the stuff in lilac. that's how it presents itself after washing and gentle blocking:

stay tuned.