29 October, 2007

hedera, at last

Pattern: hedera by Cookie A. for Knitty
Yarn: Strompe & Jumpergarn, Marks & Kattens, 75% wool 25% polyamid, 50g/210m
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Modifications: none, really. i only changed the bottom of the heel, for experimental fun, let's say

I like the pattern, the lace is easy and visually interesting, although a bit boring to knit. It might look good on a knee-high socks, too.
The heel flap detail:

(the gusset lookes somewhat huge... whatever)

...and: ready to go!

28 October, 2007


being sick (nasty throat infection) and having to stay at home this weekend, i engaged myself with knitting. my medication makes me dizzy, so i basically can only sleep or watch movies. and the best companion for movies are knitting needles, aren't they? so, these are the socks i've finished while watching the Pride And Prejudice BBC mini-series:

the grey ones are hedera (started in... eeee.... july i believe). the orangish ones are my-own-idea and will not be described until later. my cousin does not read this blog, but who knows. i've shown a lot anyway.

27 October, 2007

glimpse #6

(Cambridge, April 2007)

18 October, 2007


October, and of course:

I was thinking, why not to get some new sockyarn... It's Socktoberfest and a girl needs socks, especially a girl living in Sweden... But then, my sock yarn basket looks like this:

It's not SOOOO much, but still, it is more than I can possibly knit within next couple of months. Especially given my sloooownes and a lot of work at work lately. Alas, no shopping, some resources-clearing instead (hate the word "destashing... i don't have a stash in the first place, blah). I was drawn to this pretty skein of Trekking:

It was bought in March, with the notion of becoming socks for my cousin. So, the old sock, grey hedera and a new sock, orangish-reddish-greyish sock without-a-name-yet (own design, aaah). I make it up as I go along, but essentially it's just diagonal stripes of purled stitches.

I like the addictivness of knitting with this Trekking yarn. I like the colours that transform from one to another in the blurry way. I only wonder, WHERE, the heck, can I get Trekking in Sweden???? (or online in Europe?) Ha... the basket first.

10 October, 2007

weekend out of town

Again, a weekend out of town. Aachen (Germany) is a beautiful place :-).

On the knitting front... Ester turned out to be a long-time project. Over 300 tiny stitches on 2mm needles... Oh man. The progress is soooo slow, that almost unnoticeable. It'll take me a while to complete it. In the meantime, I want to finish AT LEAST one pair of socks (and started with the hedera, on hiatus since June) and the blue top (ekhm... almost finished since May?). I also started to play with the alpaca I use for knitting Ester. And it is lovely, it is soft and it crochets very well: