18 October, 2007


October, and of course:

I was thinking, why not to get some new sockyarn... It's Socktoberfest and a girl needs socks, especially a girl living in Sweden... But then, my sock yarn basket looks like this:

It's not SOOOO much, but still, it is more than I can possibly knit within next couple of months. Especially given my sloooownes and a lot of work at work lately. Alas, no shopping, some resources-clearing instead (hate the word "destashing... i don't have a stash in the first place, blah). I was drawn to this pretty skein of Trekking:

It was bought in March, with the notion of becoming socks for my cousin. So, the old sock, grey hedera and a new sock, orangish-reddish-greyish sock without-a-name-yet (own design, aaah). I make it up as I go along, but essentially it's just diagonal stripes of purled stitches.

I like the addictivness of knitting with this Trekking yarn. I like the colours that transform from one to another in the blurry way. I only wonder, WHERE, the heck, can I get Trekking in Sweden???? (or online in Europe?) Ha... the basket first.

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