28 June, 2007

on my (knitting) mind

The unfriendly Swedish weather (at times) somehow induced search for easy and fast knits with a warming potential. It is middle of the summer, yes, but… On some days, the temperature is as today:

And, really, it does not feel as summer. So, the knits to keep me warm and cozy are on my mind. Such as these:

All three designs (firefly, cactus blossom, prairie tunic) are from Knitscene Fall 2007.
I still hope the ~real summer will come back and I won't be knitting these very soon. In September maybe.

24 June, 2007

bff (ii)

a sock in progress... in fact, i've finished that one this night, except for the toe grafting.

21 June, 2007


I just moved to my new place, a temporary one. I couldn't bring too much in here, just as many things as would fit into two suitcases. And believe me, not all of the stuff is clothes ;-). I managed to stuff some yarn into the suitcase:

Here, shown after few hours of knitting (and, mostly, reknitting).

As it turned out, the 2mm dpns were not a good choice (why did I knit the swatch? It lied… again…). I wrecked the only set I have (had), don't ask me how. I somehow thought that if the bamboo does NOT break, so do not the bamboo needles. Well, either I was wrong or the needles were not a true bamboo. In the end, I'm knitting these BFF socks on 2.5 mm dpns, for gauge reasons as well as because they are simply the only set of needles in my possession at the moment.

19 June, 2007

in retrospect

I learned how to knit when I was 10 maybe. Actually, crocheting was first; as my mother thought it will be easier with one stick only. The true reason why I wanted to crochet and later knit was the need for the constant supply of the garments for my dolls at that time. Now, I'd rather supply garments for myself and the nearest and dearest. Meine Damen und Herren, socks for everyone! Or scarves, shrugs, even pullovers, that's what THEY want.
I had knitting ups and downs. For couple of years when I was studying, I did not knit almost at all. I picked that again two years ago, for I needed some not-so-mind-engaging activity to soothe my PhD-wrecked nerves. Sort of a therapy through work. Great choice, knitting. Then, a year ago, I discovered the existence of knitting blogs (I'm not especially up to date, I know) and the whole new world of inspirations, ideas and patterns opened up. And I love it! Even decided to show some of my stuff, if only just for fun of taking pictures regularly, let's say for the motivation to finish things.
A lot of the stuff I knitted in the past is gone, too old and ugly and worn up to show. Or even to wear. Some of the ~newer garments, however, are still wearable. In fact, still in (moderate) use. The favorites include the brown shrug I made for the New Year's Eve party one and a half year ago, the crocheted scarf made of the sock yarn, the purplish little poncho (or whatever it's proper name is) I was wearing when typing the thesis during the winter. The light blue top is my own design (as is the brown shrug, in fact and the scarf, too) and it receives a lot of wearing. The blue-yellowish bolero was recently gifted to my sister-in-law (she just looks better than me in it).

08 June, 2007

not having time to knit...

i'll disappear for a while. (hope this does not mean i'll be kicked out of the knitting bloggers' ring, snif...). first, i'll move abroad (second time this year, getting better at logistics). second, i'll spend a (scientific) week in a city with such pretty sights:

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(image source: wikipedia.org)

life's getting faster :-).

05 June, 2007

just socks (socks #4)

just socks, toe-up. Meilenweit by Lana Grossa, on 2mm dpns. time to complete the project: aaages. two and a half months, to be specific. i'll weave the ends in tomorrow ;-)

despite counting rounds (yes), surprisingly the socks are somewhat asymmetric:

but then, our body also is.