21 June, 2007


I just moved to my new place, a temporary one. I couldn't bring too much in here, just as many things as would fit into two suitcases. And believe me, not all of the stuff is clothes ;-). I managed to stuff some yarn into the suitcase:

Here, shown after few hours of knitting (and, mostly, reknitting).

As it turned out, the 2mm dpns were not a good choice (why did I knit the swatch? It lied… again…). I wrecked the only set I have (had), don't ask me how. I somehow thought that if the bamboo does NOT break, so do not the bamboo needles. Well, either I was wrong or the needles were not a true bamboo. In the end, I'm knitting these BFF socks on 2.5 mm dpns, for gauge reasons as well as because they are simply the only set of needles in my possession at the moment.


Ilona said...

Hej, hej Agatko!
Bardzo ladne zdjecia walizkowe. ;))) A kiedy zaczniesz na nowo uzupelniac swoj polski blog zdjeciowy?...
Pozdrowienia i ucalowania.

Agatq said...

oj nie wiem. nie wczesniej niz znajde mieszkanie z netem, a to moze byc trudniejsze niz myslalam...