26 August, 2007

i know...

...that a knitting contents of this blog sucks (more than ever). well, it's not that i an not knitting at all. i just have ~VERY little time for knitting.
this is my latest unfinished project. i mean, the latest started project ;-)

a modified version of Ester by Alice. this DROPS alpaca... it's a lot of it in one skein. this is how much one skein (180m / 50g) knits into, in a fairly small gauge, on 2mm needles. roughly, it corresponds to 1/4 of this sweater. and man, it's 324 stitches now. sounds masochistic, i know. but i fell in love with this yarn and wanted to knit it into something thin and not lacey. hence, 2mm needles. i don't think i could knit a whole long-sleeves-proper-sweater, but the Ester-kind-of-shrug seems to be just appropriately sized garment for such yarn / needles / gauge combination.
ah, and i had to change the cables too, for the original ones did not show well in this yarn.

now, a non-knitting bit.

isn't it just pretty? got it from my parents this week. :-))))) i might knit something ~greek-ish to match this pretty piece of jewellery.

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