10 February, 2010

glove love

pattern: rococo from the great Twist Collective;
yarn: merino 100% by katia, 102m/50g in colour no. 25; a little over 2 balls;
needles: 3mm dpn;

i really like how these have turned out! the cables show beautifully in the 12-ply yarn, the colour is great, and the warmth factor is just appropriate for the recent cold weather! not to mention that i damaged my only pair of winter gloves and had to wear the skiing gloves... not very comfortable around the city ;-)

there is a mistake in the pattern, which i have overlooked, and when i noticed that "something is not just right with the cables", i did not care all that much to correct it. you can see it on the pinky of the left glove. i think the erratum was recently emailed, actually.

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