29 December, 2009

mini vest for winter

this one deserves a separate post, and a special comment.

(again, my sister in law did not model it for a lack of time)

this was meant to be this vest (117-17). i bought the recommended yarn and happily started to knit the super-fast chunky piece. after completing the "collar" and making decreases for the sides, i realized that the collar is too high. ripping #1. another attempt to make the decreases earlier and divide the stitches into three decreases instead of one. on almost completing the sides, i realized that they were too narrow. ripping #2. deciding not to take any more chances (the time was short), i knitted on and decided the shaping based on my gut feeling. i never knitted anything for my sister in law, so i wasn't completely sure about the size, yet i turned out very well! drops polaris (5 balls 100g each) on 12mm needles.

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