26 July, 2007

shopping, at last

I've been shopping for yarn, the first time in Stockholm (the local poor textile shop does not count, it is not in Stockholm)! It seems that I've found a nice store with a good selection of the Garnstudio yarns. Pity that it's rather far from my ~usual shopping route. Anyway, here's what I bought:
Yarn for a shrug (Muscat, 100% cotton) in beautifuuuuuul rich dark red.

Needles (3.5mm) to knit the shrug (what a banality).

Sock yarn (Regia Bamboo). In a ~very rainbowy colourway. Knew it would look strange, bought anyway. Am I crazy or what? (no, just couldn't stop myself)

But then, all in all, that's lovely yarn, isn't it?

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