26 July, 2008

where has all the mojo gone?...

I have taken this picture couple of weeks ago, 4 a.m. (yup, A.M.!!!). Woken up by rain, that was the first thing I saw. It made my day :-)

Mojo is coming back, slowly. So many issues these days, so hard to keep focus. To prove that I did not totally give up knitting, let me introduce my recent yarn acqusitions.

Blue laceweight linen-cotton mix, unknown specs, from Portugal, 2 hanks

it took ages to wind it to balls (ages mostly spent on procrastination and emotional preparation for the task ahead), just because i did it "the old way" (do not have one of these fancy ball winders or whatever the name)

Zeta 100% silk by LOVE GARN, 50g/95m, 6 balls

...knits into a yummy swatch on 4.5mm-ers, but... i lack inspiration what to do with it. not enough for a garment, not sure what kind of scarf would do it justice...

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