17 March, 2009

of what is not meant to be (knitted)

last autumn i felt i needed more vests. they're versatile pieces of clothing which add warmth yet don't feel too bulky, perfect for indoors. in particular, i wanted to have one that is a simple ribbed garment with the front pieces kept together only by two buttons at the collar. i bought yarn, i bought buttons, and started to knit. then i stopped. and the more i looked at this unfinished thing, the more i was sure, it just wasn't meant to be finished. somehow the brioche stitch doesn't look as i imagined. and the vest is just sitting there in the basket, not even one knitted row since last november... and on top of that, i REALLY need these 3.5mm needles...

i still think i need more vests (for the next autumn), and i do not dismiss the idea drawn quickly on that piece of paper. just not this yarn. so, it's gonna be ripped, to celebrate the first day one can feel upcoming spring ;-).

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