16 December, 2007

new scarf!

Pattern: Twisted, from Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr
Yarn: Ull-Flame 100% wool 50g/50m of unevenly spun yarn (Garnstudio), unfortunately discontinued; i used 5 50g balls and the resulting scarf turned out pretty long (320cm)
Needles: 8mm

all i can say, the photos don't do justice to my scarf. the (day)light sucks lately. if i wanted to wait with taking the pictures of my lovely scarf for the decent amount of sunlight, i could as well wait till next year. and obviously, i did not want to wait that long! especially that this is the last FO i can share with the Blog before Christmas. secret knitting projects are going on...

another shot also offering a peek into my kitchen:

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