21 December, 2007

happy happy

i am very happy today! i am traveling to Poland to spend Christmas with my family. this is what awaits me there:

pierniki, something that could be called gingerbread-cookies. but not quite the same. (picture courtesy of my father) yes, this IS a bed covered by cookies :-).

in the meantime, xmazz knitting was (is) going on. the yarns i am using are quite diverse in weight, colour and texture, as you can see (as are gift receipients of these goodies)

the turquoise yarn is leftovers from another pair of the fetching mitts, already on receipient's hands ;-)). in a haste of gift wrapping, i forgot to take a picture, but hey, EVERYbody knows the fetching mitts by now! the trekking skein is still rather largish, what means i must hurry up! and indeed, i must, for i have to clean the appartment, pack my suitcase, buy this glittery top i saw yesterday and be on time for the plane!

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