21 December, 2007

seriously pissed off - update

i was going to fly to Poland. this afternoon. but the flight was cancelled. FUCK FUCK FUCK. the information was given when i passed the security check (and seriously, i hate it, all this undressing-this-is-my-laptop-and-this-is-umbrella stuff).
i was the lucky (?) one who got the rebooking for Sunday, other destination (far from home, of course, but at least in Poland)... but all the other people there... i don't know. so i went home, and here i am, sitting in my kitchen and sipping red wine. 8 fucking hours of traveling and still in the departure spot.
still better than what happened to a friend of mine couple of winters back. the long-distance coach was trapped in a gigantic traffic jam on a German highway... for 1,5 days. that is a serious bad luck.
no picture, for the only one i could offer now, is the insides of my suitcase, and i will spare you that.
no plans for tomorrow, how strange is this?

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