06 January, 2008

BFF socks, 2nd ed.

whoa, new year and new finished object! who could tell, that i can knit so fast (and not get distracted every half an hour or so). started: December the 28th, finished January the 1st. in the meantime, a lot of family duties (not at all unpleasant but time consuming all the same) were fulfilled ;-).

BFF socks
the yarn was Regia Nordic Color in color#5512, the needles 2.5mm dpns
what else to say? i liked the pattern enough to knit it again
the yarn was somewhat difficult to photograph, with the blues and reds on top of the brown, especially in the dull winter greyness.

i am back in Sweden, and trying to get back to reality. it's gonna take a few days after all that laziness of my Christmas holidays in Poland.

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