09 March, 2008

update - march

life has been busy busy busy lately. specifically, work has been kicking my ass. not much more has been going on, and i am not sure how the next few weeks are going to be. i need spring, and i need it now!
some knitting-to-stay-sane has been going on, though. multi-project mode, hehe. of my projects,
-some are finished

(blithe-ly top)

(cabled hat)

-some are almost there

(starburst hat by WW)

-some fell into the sad never-gonna-happen category (i did not give up the idea of knee-high socks; not this yarn, not this pattern, though)

-and some had been entirely changed. like from being a scarf to being a headband! a malabrigo scarf was not the scarf i needed, wanted and was going to knit. the headband, though, seemed a very good idea to use the half-skein of malabrigo in delicious red. so, a FO!

yarn: malabrigo worsted in Amoroso
needles: 4.5mm dpns, ADDI lace
pattern: -
model: The Original Mr Bean Teddy

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