19 February, 2008

nothing, really

that friday (how many fridays ago was it? two?) was a day after an especially wrecking week*. the day when you have a falling-out with the network admin at work and the ticket controller argues that your ticket is wrongly stamped (when it's all right). that kind of friday, when you count hours to 5 pm, so the weekend can start. the weekend was not supposed to be all about relaxation, for i had a talk to prepare for monday. on THAT friday, i got a parcel with yummy contents! (well, i ordered it and so on, and sort of anticipated it'd arrive any day, but it came JUST in time)

sheep shop yarn company, sheep two in colorway G017:

malabrigo worsted in lime blue and water green:

i started to play with malabrigo (Woolly Wormhead's cabled hat for my mother), but the needles i have are not at all suitable for this yarn, so i ordered two sets of addi lace circs instead (not arrived yet).

*- most weeks are like that now. blame the weather and the long period of short darkish days i am not quite used to...

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