03 February, 2008

lucy in amoroso

This was the first malabrigo i touched:

very quickly, it became this:

pattern: lucy by Woolly Wormhead
yarn: malabrigo, in Amoroso #157 (lovely!)
needles: 5mm circs
comments: the idea of knitting a hat in "another direction" seemed strange and appealing to me, so i ordered this lovely malabrigo yarn and went on. it was a successful experiment. just the edge... it curls a bit (no wonder) and i'll have to find a way to prevent this - the crocheted edge did not help very much
side effects: appetite for the book and ...yeah, shopping for malabrigo! (hopefully, on its way to me!)

i knitted only a residual ear flap:

and crocheted the edge:

the hat is shaped by short rows:

ah, i'm loving it! in fact, the hat was worn the next day after it was finished, no blocking (couldn't wait).

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