06 February, 2008

mixed knitting and more

my UFOs at the moment:

the large marine-blue is a blithe-inspired top, the grey is the beginning of the first winding cable sock, the reddish-purplish is the scarf in malabrigo lucy-leftovers (just brioche stitch). and the deep purple, eggplant even. that dark purple is a crocheted stole. unfinished, of course.
do you like this:

i love it. it's a crocheted stole, made by my father for my mother, some 30+ years ago, back in some good old times when they were both students :-)! this piece has a tremendous emotional value for me (Mom used to wear it often when i was a child, now not so often anymore...) it's made of acrylic (i suppose), it's torn at one edge, but still, i just love it. and decided to crochet a replica for myself ;-) in Drops Alpaca, if you're asking (yes, the same one as i used for Ester).

i'm in a multi-project mode again.

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