18 November, 2007

cap sleeves

remember the blue top ? well, i don't think so, it's been ages. actually, i completed the knitting and the finishing some weeks ago. and after that, i decided that this thing needs... yes, cap sleeves. definitely.
i read this detailed discussion on the sleeve construcion and came up with the short row cap sleeves, made up as i went along. they're knitted on the stitches picked up at the armscye and shaped by short rows knitted at both sides of the center part of the sleeve. pretty spontaneusly, i decided on the middle 1/4 of the picked up stitches as the top of the sleeve cap (1), and shaped the rest with short rows (2-5), leaving some stitches for the final full-length row (6).

3 rows of stockinette followed by the bind off row made the cap, and thus the sleeve complete. pretty easy, considering how long it took me to start knitting them.

the final result:

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