18 November, 2007

blue top

at last. 6 months out-of-phase, a short sleeve top completed just for the winter.

blue top. started in april

pattern: based on the Lana Grossa summertime 2006 pattern 1
yarn: Tweed Flamme by Unica. got it ~10 years ago (vintage! hehe) 89% cotton 11% acrylic, 95m/50g
needles: 3.5mm for the body and 4mm for the drapey collar (circulars)
comments: i like the cable:

unfortunately, the insufficient amount of the daylight today (Sweden!, no joke, days aren't long these days) made me to shoot these pics in the artificial light. no good.

PS. the leek pie was a success :-)

1 comment:

Esoteric Knitter said...

Great work! It looks fantastic on you!