23 October, 2011

long time, no see

It's been a while... I almost can't believe that winter is around the corner, and the previous one was supposed to be my last one in Scandinavia. Oh well. (Yes, I have more products of my knitting exercises to share, for knitting has always been a relax activity keeping me sane when crazily working on... work stuff... science, that is.)

Quite spontaneously, after all the work and work and more work, I spoiled myself a bit. Cashlana in Midnight:

With winter in sight, and the dullness and darkness, not to mention the cold, COLD that will start too soon, I need a shawl, badly. A warm, soft one. The yarn lived up to my (high) expectations, it's as soft as a 90% cashmere yarn should be. Colours are pretty, as I anticipated, given my previous experience with Fleece Artist / Handmaiden yarns. Pure pleasure to knit :-)
...after a few hours (and three to four false starts):

...and one week later:

I chose a more rapid rate of increases (8 every 2 rows) than most of shawl patterns call for, to achieve the crescent shape for long and cosy shawl, perfect for wrapping. I plan to go on until I run out of Cashlana, and continue in some other cashmere-containing blend (from Rowan maybe). I'll just take the shawl with me for a visit to some yarn stores in Stockholm, to find a perfect match. Hopefully soon.