31 December, 2010


this is how my neighborhood looked on the winter solstice day:

beautiful, right? as of today, the day is 1 minute 22 seconds longer, what gives a whole 6 hours and 10 minutes (give or take) of sunlight. ouch.
to beat (?) the gloom AND to be able to use the camera in the cold, i am making these:

they are actually knitted now, need some extensive finishing, though.

now, some finished stuff! these socks were done sometime in the late summer, and have been used since. the owner really likes them (i know, 'cause he tells me often). basic sock with ribbing, yarn from the stash. actually, it's one of the first sock yarns i purchased, when i was still living in Freiburg.

and a hat. for me.

pattern: cabled hat by Woolly Wormhead
yarn: malabrigo worstead in pagoda
needles: 4.5mm (as recommended)
it's my second version of this pattern. this time i replaced purl panels with moss stitch panels in between cables. the hat definitely needs blocking.

my current in-progress knits: