28 November, 2009

slow knitting

i purchased some yarn, recently. yeah. i should have written: i started few projects and i'm close to finishing some of them, but i cannot show them here, because they're christmas presents. but the truth is: i started way too many projects, some of them christmas presents indeed. but i haven't finished any of them. so i bought more yarn, as a motivation to finish the started ones. because i really REALLY want to dig my fingers into these yummy Felted Tweed... there's also a bilberry colourway in my stash. a beautiful match. the dark raspberry merino Katia, which doesn't look raspberry at all on this photo, is for a pair of gloves for me. rowan colourscape chunky for a christmas-present-hat for somebody who doesn't wear hats. i believe she needs one ;-).

in the meantine, i'm slowly knitting a sideways-knit hat. it's a slow knit, because i use noro sock yarn, knitted on 2mm needles (!!!!). takes ages, but it seems it's worth the effort.

...all this photographs were taken during what seems to have been the only 5 hours of sunshine we had in November. when i moved in here, i thought Stockholm is in Sweden, not in Mordor. what a dark autumn...

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