31 May, 2009

spring & things

spring came...

...and (almost) went. actually, it's good, bacause it means the summer is around the corner. i'd like to believe in that... the weather here in Sweden can be capricious, and even cold also during summer.
in the meantime, i knitted this shawl:

pattern: Shetland Triangle (Wrap Style, IK press)
yarn: Kauni lace 90% wool 10% acrylic; 300m/50g
needles: 3.25mm

i knitted it sometime in late April, and have worn it already several times - who would tell, the swedish weather so cold to wear wool in May.

i like the pattern, it was fun and quick to knit (2 weeks). on the other hand, i think the yarn was not a good choice. it's a very uneven single ply. it means that the thread becomes very very thin at places. dangerously thin. couple of times i had to pick up the stitch below the one i was knitting to strengthen the thread. i was concerned that the yarn will break... and it did...

i fixed it with the crochet, but... Kauni lace, never again. despite their tempting "effects" line of yarns with beautiful color changes. no, no, no.

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